Padma D. Jayaweera

Padma D. Jayaweera is eminently qualified to write on the subject of the role of Co-operatives in the development process of Sri Lanka. This publication which analytical links Co-operatives to the recent poverty alleviation programme displays her mastery of the field. Having completed the Special Art Degree in Economics in 1967. She joined the Sri Lanka Administrative Service in 1970 and rose up to the highest grade of Class I. She had her initial grounding in the Department of Co-operative, Development in the nineteen seventies and held several senior executive positions. This long spell of service in the area of co-operative development, enriched by foreign training in several countries gave her substantial insights not only into what is happening in the field but also on the necessary policy directions to promote the co-operative movement. The long tour of duty as Secretary, Co-operative Employees Commission, broadened her vision through a different aspect of the Co-operative sector. Her attachment tom activities in the co-operative sector, was so deep-rooted that she chose the subject of co-operatives for her post graduate research studies at Flinders University of South Australia. The present publication is an outcome of the research studies done at the Flinders University which led to a Post Graduate Diploma in Social Science in 1991. Subsequently, she was awarded the Masters Degree in Development Studies in 1993.