Don’s Theory on Aerodynamic Lift

Every professional in aviation, be it a designer, pilot, engineer or technician must read book. This profound, yet simple explanation of the ‘aerodynamic lift’ will most certainly, induce a paradigm shift in the way, the modern world perceive the dynamics of flight. Since the beginning of modern aviation in 1903, the proponents who argue on the ‘Theory of Aerodynamic Lift’ are divided into two camps. Those who support ‘Bernoulli’ position argue that lift is generated by a pressure difference across the wing. The ‘Newtonian’ camp argues that lift is the reaction force on a body caused by the deflecting flow of air. But it is important to note that Bernoulli never attempted to explain the aerodynamic lift. The attempt of Sir Isaac Newton by the proposition ‘Newton’s Sine Square Law’ could not fully encompass the phenomenon of lift into the theory. Therefore, the names of these two scientists are just labels for two camps according to the ‘Glenn Research Center’ of NASA. The most complex problem faced by the inquisitive mind about the theory of flight in the 21st century is the absence of an accurate theory that simply interprets the generated lift as a function of velocity, air mass, wing area and shapes. The knowledge domain widely known as the ‘Computational Fluid Dynamics’ or the ‘CFD’ has the power of computing the pressure distribution patterns around a moving aerofoil using the complex ‘Navier – Stokes and Euler Equations’. CFD quenches the thirst of aviation design industry to a certain extent. But, even a superfast computer may take long hours, if not days to compute and solve millions of peripheral equations before the delivery of results. Yet, that result will only talk about a particular test segment. Ironically, it has no capacity to explain the phenomenon exploiting the general laws of physics. This new knowledge, ‘Don’s Theory’ will have a revolutionary impact on future designs, design techniques and even the way aircraft are flown to unprecedented levels. The hard cover book is available for just 12 USD including the free shipping to any destination in the world.
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